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"Duty, Honor, Country"

"Duty, Honor, Country"
Gen. John F. Reynolds equestrian and Commemorative Marker
Image Size 15" x 22"
Release Date: July 1997
Edition size 1000: 100 A/P: 60 w/ 1st Corps Flag remarque: 40 P/P

Price: Regular edition of 1000, unframed, $125.00 plus $10.00 flat shipping

Price: Regular edition of 1000, Handsomely Framed, $300.00 plus $40.00 shipping:

Major General John F. Reynolds Monuments
USMA Class of 1841

"Reynolds is dead,
The model soldier, gallant and courteous,
Shot from his saddle in the first of the fight."

Steven Vincent Benet
John Brown’s Body

Three monuments were dedicated to Major General John F. Reynolds on the Gettysburg Battlefield, as well as a marker commemorating his death site. A standing sculptural portrait is in the National Cemetery. There is a sculpture on the Pennsylvania State Memorial and the equestrian monument featured in “Duty, Honor, Country” is on the Chambersburg Pike. The equestrian was sculpted by Henry Kirke Bush-Brown, who also created the Lincoln Speech Memorial and the Sedgewick and Meade equestrians on the Battlefield.

Mr. Bush-Brown sculpted the statue in a bold and naturalist style. It weighs over 9,000 pounds, yet the horse has only two feet on the ground. This posed a difficult challenge for sculptor and casters to balance and support it properly.

Dedicated in 1899 both the sculptor and Reynolds’ nephew Charles Reynolds Evans were present, with Mr. Evans pulling the cord that unveiled the monument to the cheers of the assembled crowd. Governor William Stone accepted the statue on behalf of the State of Pennsylvania and then presented it to the GNMP Commission. The sculpture stands alongside the Chambersburg Pike approximately 1100 feet from the marker where Reynolds was killed.
When I started working out sketches for “Duty, Honor, Country” it occurred to me to move Reynolds’ equestrian statue to the edge of Herbst’s woods, next to the commemorative marker indicating where he fell. I was intrigued by the creative possibilities of combining these two images together.

A native Pennsylvanian, Reynolds was born on September 21, 1820 in Lancaster. He graduated from West Point 26th in a class of 52, on July 1, 1841. Ironically, he was killed exactly twenty-two years to the day.

I feel that the sculpture by Henry K. Bush-Brown expresses poignantly the grace and dignity of General Reynolds, the West Pointer and professional soldier. Leading his troops by example, the General was always at the front of the action. It was here, after placing the 2nd Wisconsin in Herbst’s Woods, that the General was turning and looking back, to place into position the next regiment in line. “For God’s sake forward. Drive those men from the woods!” he ordered. It is this very moment that I tried to envision, the gallant General, tall in his saddle, with clouds forming a symbolic halo, just before the fatal shot that struck him down on that fateful morning of July 1, 1863. It is my hope that this print is a fitting tribute to Major General John F. Reynolds’ devotion to “Duty, Honor, Country”!

Paul R. Martin III
July 1997

“Wherever the fight raged the fiercest, there the General was sure to be found. His undaunted courage always inspired the men with more energy and courage.”

Sergeant Charles Veil
Reynold’s Orderly

“His first sweetheart was his profession and his only love his country, and in his fidelity to these may his example be a rich inheritance to the young of the present and future generations.”

Colonel Henry S. Huidekoper
150th Pennsylvania Infantry
July 1, 1899

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