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   West Point Exhibtion
  August 20 - November 30, 2001

“Men of Duty, Fields of Honor”
From West Point to Gettysburg:

Historical Portraits and Landscapes

Class of 1929 Art Gallery: Eisenhower Hall
United States Military Academy, West Point, NY
August 20 - November 30, 2001

Artist’s Reception: Sunday, September 9, 2-4

A one-man exhibit of Mr. Martin’s color pencil Historical Portraits and Landscapes was shown at West Point at the United States Military Academy’s Class of 1929 Art Gallery in the Eisenhower Hall Theatre from August 20 through Movember 30, 2001.

The exhibit coincided with the Academy’s Bicentennial Celebration and was intended to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the The United States Military Academy, by commemorating the graduates who made significant contributions to the military history of our Nation.

30 artworks were featured and each artwork was accompanied by an artists’ statement, first person accounts, poetry and historical notes. The accompanying statements explored each image’s connection to The United States Military Academy.

The exhibit placed the officers and their battles into historic perspective and attempted to address their significance to the American people as we move into the 21st Century.

Mr. Martin just had one of his drawings, "Graduation Morning" , accepted by the USMA Association of Graduates for publication as an Academy Bicentennial Commemorative fine art print.

For the past 200 years, The United States Military Academy at West Point has been the premier institution in the world for nurturing the military leaders and heroes of America. From the Mexican War to the Civil War, through World Wars I and II, to Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm, the Long Gray Line has rendered selfless service to our Country with Duty and Honor. Their legacy is unsurpassed in the history of the world.

The Academy continues to prepare military leaders for the peace keeping role of today and the diplomatic challenges of the 21st century. This exhibit is intended to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of The United States Military Academy. With these artworks I hope to memorialize “Men of Duty, Fields of Honor.” My exhibition is dedicated with respect and gratitude to the men and woman, past, present and future, of The United States Military Academy.

The West Point images are meant to celebrate the rich history of the Academy. The portraits pay tribute to some of the great leaders who passed through the Academy’s gates. The battlefield landscapes memorialize the fields upon which many of those leaders fought.

Cadets often speak of the bond of brotherhood that forms between classmates at the Academy. At no time during the history of our nation were these bonds more tested than during the American Civil War. The war was truly an American tragedy. If the cliché of “brother against brother” held true in the enlisted ranks, it was certainly prevalent in the officers’ corps of both armies. At the command level, it was a “brothers war” among the old West Point fellowship. Across the bloody fields of honor, West Point classmates faced off against each other time and time again. Each one, whether fighting for the North or South, held true to their own sense of personal duty and honor, so ingrained within their hearts during their four years at the Academy.

Rounding out the exhibit are several images initially inspired by the breathtaking beauty of West Point. The Academy was built upon a magnificent location alongside the majestic Hudson River. The richness of the architecture and monumentation echoes the grandeur of its location. Formed atop the river’s escarpment the Academy’s natural and man-made splendor is worthy of Lee, Meade, Pershing, Patton and MacArthur.

Paul R. Martin III

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